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restauracje stare miasto

Near one of the oldest squares of Warsaw, in the heart of the Old Town, there is an apartment house that has an incredible history. And in that house, there is an equally incredible restaurant, La Dolce Vita, which smells of olives, Italian herbs and pizza just being made.

restauracja śródziemnomorska ITALY ON YOUR PLATE
fresh herbs, oils and cheese

In our menu you will find all the dishes for which Italian cuisine is the most famous: antipasti, zuppe, pizza, pasta fresca and delicious dolci della casa, not to mention a special menu for children. We strongly believe that our passion for food spiced up with Italian herbs will lure and enchant all the amateurs of Mediterranean cuisine. Since Italian food calls for good wine, the cellars of La Dolce Vita store an exquisite collection of wine that complete the dishes on our menu.

restauracja włoska MAGICAL ATMOSPHERE
among the scenes from the La Dolce Vita movie

In the La Dolce Vita you will find a large-format picture of Malvira, depicting a winery and a restaurant situated in the north-western Piedmont. It was this winery where Federico Fellini, the genius of Italian cinematography would best relax and enjoy himself. Today Malvira is run by charismatic friends of the owners of La Dolce Vita, and its magic has become an inspiration for their Warsaw enterprise. It should come as no surprise that the restaurant's interior is decorated with the scenes from Fellini's La Dolce Vita.

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